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  • Luxe Healing Ring
  • Luxe Healing Ring
  • Luxe Healing Ring
  • Luxe Healing Ring

Luxe Healing Ring

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Product Details

Healing Statement Ring with large round brilliant cut gemstones. Set in Silver with oxidised detailing, frame of collet Gold vermeil (*Note, Rose Quartz frame is Oxidised). Organic layered shank (2mm wide). Limited runs of this design due to the availability of these stones, which are specially handpicked for their 'healing properties', descriptions below: 


Purple Amethyst *Protection - Cleansing - Intuition

Blood Stone *Purification - Courage - Vitality x1 left in stock

Green Prehnite *Unconditional Love - Look at life from a heart based perspective

Clear Topaz *Ambitions - Truth

Smokey Quartz *Grounding - Clearing - Practical Action 

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