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Brighton Jewellery Shop specialising in Remodel jewellery - Handmade remodelled Jewellery – based just 5 minutes from the Brighton Lanes – Sustainable Jewellery Designer - Brighton Jewellery Shop who cares about upcycling

Jewellery for the planet. Meaningful and ethical pieces.

Reuse, remodel, recycle are all incredibly laudable in today's climate, with sustainable fashion becoming the way forward for future generations. 

We love to design using old or sentimental jewellery, giving our customer a soulful and contemporary piece at the end of the process. We work mainly with precious metals, but happy to incorporate other materials if it's a family keepsake. 

Get in touch with jewellery you have left in your drawer or family heirlooms never worn, and lets breathe some life into them!

You can read through the process, via our Bespoke page.


Some examples, click image for more info ▻ ▻ ▻

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