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◼ What information do you need to start a quote?
If you are unsure about what measurements you need for the quote, come by the studio and we'll be happy to help you. If you are not local and we are quoting for an important piece like your wedding or engagement ring, please ask your nearest friendly jewellery shop to measure you. If these routes are unavailable to you, get in touch as there are potentially other ways to obtain your measurements. The other main detail, is your budget. Formulating a quote can take a considerable amount of time through researching, sourcing and calculating all the components to handmake your final piece/s. If you are able to lockdown your maximum budget, this will help to process your quote.


What does CARAT mean for gemstones and CARAT for metals
Gemstone carats are the weight of the stone. The larger the carat (ct) equates to a bigger gemstone. Carat (or Karat) in metals is the purity of the metal. For example 9ct Gold is 37.5% gold mixed in with other alloys (mixed metals) and is less in value than say 18ct, which retains 75% pure gold.


◼ Are all your Gold pieces recycled gold and do you work with other metals?
Yes, we buy from a UK supplier who deals in recycled Gold. We’ve worked on heavy Silver pieces and also with Palladium and Platinum. Gold seems to be 90% of our custom work though.


◼ I have old jewellery I never wear, can I use different grades of jewellery for you to remodel with?

It’s best to stick to the same carat metal if possible, but it's not a hard and fast rule. For example, if you are using 18ct it will retain it’s value if all the pieces are 18ct. If you mix 18ct with 9ct, the piece will be hallmarked in the lesser purity Gold of 14ct or 9ct. But by all means, if your jewels hold an inherent sentimental value, then it’s worth considering using different metals together.


◼ Where are your natural gemstones sourced?
Stef has trusted suppliers mainly in the UK, Australia and South East Asia, who work with small artisanal mining companies.

◼ Tell me about ‘Lab grown’ White Diamonds & Moissanite
Lab grown Diamonds and Moissanite are becoming increasingly more popular. They are chemically and physically identical to their natural counterparts. They are environmentally sustainable, ethical and cost around 30-50% less.


◼ What is PV jeweller/designer Stef’s qualifications?
Stef has a City & Guilds in Silversmithing from the London Met. Going back, she has a BTEC Foundation in Art and went on to the gain a degree in ‘Fashion Promotion & Illustration’ at the Surrey Institute. Her career working for various London fashion magazines, then with a vintage emporium called Rokit, shaped her rebellious side to design. Apart from the basic silversmithing course at London Met, Stef's skills from that point on are mainly self-taught.


◼ How long will it take to make my piece? What if I have deadline?
It will take around 8 – 12 weeks depending on how busy the studio is, but this can take a little longer during the peak run from September through to December. If you have a deadline, it’s still worth getting in touch to see if Stef can help make your dream piece – you never know!


◼ Do you quote for custom work if I live overseas?
Yes! We can communicate online to finalise all aspects of your design and quote. We’ve worked with clients in Australia, Singapore, USA and Europe. The add on factor is the shipping cost, which will be £49 for a fully insured courier service.