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TRADITIONALLY-HANDMADE pieces designed and made in our Brighton Jewellery Shop

We produce each piece in our Brighton Jewellery Shop + Studio by hand, either by customising one of Stef's designs or following our customer's brief, with Peculiar Vintage's signature finish. Whether it's a commission or remodel, production time will vary depending on your requirements, but normally it will take up to 8-12 weeks to produce, depending on how busy the studio is. However if you have a deadline please let us know and we will endeavour to meet it. You are welcome to email us for a sketch and quote (we work with all budgets). Please include as much information as possible and we'll respond within 48 hours.   

➳ ENGAGEMENT / WEDDING RINGS for couples wanting something different - Alternative engagement rings and wedding bands.

Our rings are available in Silver, 9ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold, 18ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold, Platinum and Palladium. Generally it is best for a bride to match for her engagement and wedding ring so they are the same density and won't wear the other away. We are big fans of mixing metals so, for example, White Gold next to Yellow Gold is something we are happy to recommend. The dearest of all the metals is Platinum, which is 95% pure and the most durable. Palladium is from the Platinum family and is lighter in weight and for couples on a smaller budget. Gold is available in different carats and different colours. To achieve different shades, the Gold is mixed with various alloys ie: Rose Gold is made by mixing in Copper. The dearest of the Gold is White and is often Rhodium Plated by jewellers to make a similar light-shade as Platinum. Rhodium plating will wear off in time and will need re-plating. We personally like the natural shade of White Gold, but have the tools to rhodium plate if it's preferred. 

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Belle's Sapphire and Gold Wedding Band

Mandy's Lapiz, Salt & Pepper Diamond on Gold


Ben's Valentines gift, using his own Sapphire. Set inside our Gold Bee + Tbar design 

Matilda's 21st present from Mum Beky. Etched Gold Band with birthstone Garnet

Ed's proposal. Chloe's Gold Stacker with Emerald, Raw Diamond and Turquoise.

Gemma's Remodelled Engagement Ring

Sharon & Jim's remodelled Gold Wedding bands, Diamonds

Sherv's proposal. Naomi's Gold Diamond Band

Jen & Clark's Gold Wedding bands, Diamonds

Charlotte's remodelled Rubies, Diamonds on Silver and Gold

Lou's Diamonds and Gold bands, Names hand-stamped and Personalised

Pubali's remodelled Tiara, Ruby, Skulls

Nick's gift for Sarah, Black Diamonds, Dark Sapphire cushion cut

Mat's proposal, Gold, Diamond, Australian Opals
Denis' proposal, Caro's Gold band, Australian Opal

Jo's Wedding Gold band gift, Anchor, Personalised

Rob's remodel gift for Debbie, Aquamarine

Jo's Silver Wedding bands, Dinosaurs, Personalised

Ed's proposal, Jo's remodelled band, Dark Diamond on Gold


Lee's proposal | James' proposal stacked - Gold, Diamonds, rare Champagne Topaz

Penny's Smokey Quartz rose cut, Diamonds on Gold




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