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Peculiar Vintage is a small independent Brighton jewellery shop + working studio, a hidden gem off the heart of London Road, an alternative and free-spirited quarter of Brighton. Stef Warde is the creative force behind the brand and debuted her first collection 'Curio', influenced by her career in the Vintage + Fashion industry. Her technique is overtly hand-hewn, with considered marks and skilful weathering, giving a soulful quality to each piece ~ a huge nod to her foundations in Fine Art, Textiles + Illustration.

Stef's distinctive style and rough-luxe aesthetic built her a loyal following over the years, and growing from this success, she opened her first bricks and mortar space on Baker Street in 2014. Peculiar Vintage has since seen a steady rise in commission work and is fast becoming a go to for alternative engagement rings. Traditional rules of what makes a Wedding or Engagement ring has been discarded in favour of edgier, hand-hewn, affordable design.

The shop is curated with a group of guest designers who all design and 100% hand-make their collections. From Melbourne to Brighton, London or Montreal, our selection is directional and for the discerning.

Our customers are independent, spirited, romantic and adventurous ~ Stef  

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