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Meet 4 Couples x Bespoke Wedding and Engagement Rings

The proposal was first recorded in ancient Roman times, where the bride-to-be was given two rings, one made of iron to wear whilst doing the housework, and the other in gold to be worn in public. On a more romantic note, it was thought the left hand ring finger contained a vein that led to the heart. Fast forward to the Renaissance, 1477 and Archduke Maximillian of Austria became the first well documented suitor to introduce a diamond ring to propose to Mary of Burgundy (France). This held significant influence to the higher, wealthy echelons of social class to carry on the tradition of gifting their beloved a 'Diamond ring'. 

Below are some couples who asked Peculiar Vintage to make their forever rings, with a sparkle of diamonds in the mix, keeping Maximillian's tradition alive some 540 years on.


Allison said YES. Lee was an fantastic customer from start to finish. A new chapter of their lives with a handmade dual-Diamond engagement ring in White Gold. What a handsome couple!

'Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you Stef! The ring is gorgeous and the diamond is such a great colour. So sparkly. She said yes obviously. We sat in Vondelpark drinking prosecco on a sunny day. The ring looked amazing in the sunshine! I just to say thanks a million for your work and co-operation! We will be asking for our wedding bands from you. Not sure when but it's a given! Once again thank you so much!' ~ Lee (Halifax)

Jo & James are engaged! 💍 💕We sourced a grey Diamond from New York and rare champagne Topaz from Brazil (for James's birth stone) as he popped the question on his bday ✨ 18ct White and Yellow gold hues. Such a sweet and funny couple 😍

'We're both designers by trade and we knew we wanted a personal experience, one where we could have a proper discussion. Stef is so talented, her handmade rustic styles and eclectic mixes of stones, metals and finishes just makes your heart happy. I'm already doodling thoughts about a wedding ring, Stef's made the whole process relaxed and a labour of love.' ~ Jo (Chester)

Jim & Rowan have gone full Peculiar Vintage regalia with Rowan been given a Sula Lux Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring. She went on to pick our Sula Lux Diamond band to stack, and Jim ordered a matching wedding band. What a cool couple.... Jim is a wedding photographer, you can see their incredible wedding photos on Instagram 'dearestlovephotography'.

'Absolutely beautiful ring. I am such a lucky girl!!! ❤ thank you!! (Engagement Ring)'  /  'Absolutely in love with our wedding bands! Thank you so much!' ~ Rowan (Worcester)



Clark & Jen's gold wedding bands finished in a timely fashion, and collected a day before the ceremony! An ace couple from Kemp Town, who own the Hand in Hand Pub made it official (including changing their surname to Mr & Mrs 'Left' - that's another story) 🎉🎊💕 They love jazz and vintage threads, mirrored by the clean-lines and traditional edge of their wedding bands.

'My love, they are beautiful! Thank you soooooo much!! Xxx' ~ Jen (Brighton)



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