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Designer Spot Light : Rusty's Jewellery

Posted on September 28 2017

The man behind Rusty’s Jewellery is London based, Sonny Bailey-Aird. The idea to start making was ignited by a ring given to him from his father. Curious as to how it was created, he started to research and try out different techniques, honing his skills through trial and error. From his previous incarnation as a personal trainer to full time jeweller, Sonny says ‘It was good fun, and I learnt a lot but I haven't looked back since becoming a jeweller. I wasn’t happy in my old job and wanted to try my hand at something creative.’ In reply to who his favourite jeweller is, Sonny explains, Anthony Lent because his work is full of life and totally unique to anything I've seen before. It's inspiring to see that such work is being made.’

It seems creativity runs in his family. Both his father and brother paint and draw, his brother is also a photographer who uses traditional photographic processes over modern digital techniques. ‘My work is heavily influenced by the process, similarly to the idea of taking a photo, then processing and developing it yourself.’ Prioritising the lengthier, traditional techniques over bulk productions lines enables Sonny to oversee every aspect of the process. The result is that each piece is unique, whilst being crafted to the highest possible standard and made to last a lifetime. 

See Rusty's Jewellery, a beautifully raw and textured collection, here at PV that is proving to be a hit 🙌.




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