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Pippa Toole Illustrator X Peculiar Vintage

Posted on November 20 2016


(Pippa's wearing Guest Designer Rosita Bonita Horseshoe earrings).

For Brighton based illustrator Pippa Toole - its Halloween every day. The pretty goth (doppleganger of Lydia from Beetlejuice right? ) took the theme 'Jewellery Rebel' and test drove our shop window with her beautifully quirky and ghoulish iconography. Pippa's work makes us think of the cast of Cry-Baby without skin. She takes inspiration from B-Movies, bikers and 70s punk posters to name a few. Her obsessions have taken her illustrations on projects with big brands such as Dr. Martens to exhibitions at Somerset House, London.

We delve into what life is really like for a Brighton gal penning her way into the hearts of every Wednesday Adams wannabe.

PV: What inspires you?

PT: Bike gangs, 70s punk posters, b-movies, music.. and Halloween of course! I celebrate Halloween every day.

PV: Describe yourself in three words.

PT: Little northern ghoul!

PV: Who would be in your dream band?

PT: I would just bring Lux Interior back to life and reform The Cramps! They are my dream band and biggest inspiration.

PV: What do you love about being a Brighton dweller?

PT: There’s so many good dogs here, it’s brilliant. I don’t have a dog so it’s good that I can creep on other peoples.

PV: Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery and what is special about it?

PT: I have some white perspex bone earrings that I got from Tatty Devine when I was a teenager, I still wear them all the time. Also a silver skull ring that my mum got me for my birthday a few years ago.

PV: What is your current obsession?

PT: I watched the brilliant documentary ‘I am Divine’ yesterday which has re reignited my love for John Waters. And I’m always obsessed with dogs.

PV: What are you working on next?

PT: I’m planning on painting more leather, hopefully some skirts and accessories if I can get hold of them! I have also been asked to design a t-shirt/patch for a chopper garage in Arizona called Mototrash Death Sleds, which is probably the coolest sounding commission I’ve ever had.

PV: Favourite illustrator?

PT: At the moment it’s Craig Gleason, the king of drawing ghouls. His character design is amazing and he’s constantly making very cool work, he’s one of the hardest working guys out there. 

PV: Finally, a little fun quick fire question session to end with a bang…

- Zombies or Witches?


- Rings or Earrings?

As many rings as possible

- Laines Brewery or a shot of Tuaca?

Street beers

- Brighton Rock or bag of chips?








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