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3 Big Updates for Peculiar Vintage

Posted on January 14 2017

Excuse the tardiness. Honestly it's been chaos round these parts and we're just catching our breath now.... then we're back to it!

There are three main events that have caused a stir here -

1. Our November party, which was a Gin, Processo, Ale-soaked, Jewellery fest! Apologies - half our customers were not included in the photo - you kept us (merrily) on our toes, there was no time to snap everyone. And No the dress-code was not 'leopard' either - ha. Huge thank you to The Brighton Gin Company, Jen at The Hand & Hand Pub Kemp Town (home brew Ale) and Steph at Brighton Cake Creations for her delicious bite size cheesecake. xx

2. The big C - a mental amount of orders, and of course our hilarious Christmas Party. Plenty of giggles with Cecile (Tiki Jewellery), Nik, Steph, Cara (Cara Tonkin Jewellery) and Stef.

Click here + Press  We popped our Boomerang cherry!

3. We're saving the best for last - our new girl Nik Smith. In 2016, Nik joined the team. Nik graduated with a Textile Design degree, however fate found her working for formidable advertising agencies, teaching her all about the world of branding.  Still itching to be creative, Nik went on to complete a post grad course at Central St Martins and started a new career path living between London and NYC,  where she sold prints to big fashion houses around the world. On return to London permanently, she worked for Orla Kiely and more recently Zoe & Morgan Jewellery. Luckily for us - Brighton was calling her, and brought this very lovely, clever and talented lady to our door!


Q & A:

What’s your role at PV?

NS: I am in charge of Wholesale, PR and Branding, plus all other areas which need help in! 

Do you have a favourite piece from the collections?

NS: I have several! My lucky Curio diamond horseshoe t-bar necklace , my Pallenberg Crescent Diamond Necklace and my Sula signet ring.  All I love equally!

What was the first piece of significant jewellery you bought or given?

NS: My engagement ring, a 1930's sapphire and diamond platinum ring (very classic with touch of art deco)  It had been lost for 55 years at my partner's family home, following his dad (age 2 years at the time) throwing it out of the window!  It was found 55 years later in the garden-bed by my partners mother gardening two weeks before they were due to sell the house.  

Shortly following my momentous engagement, I turned 40 and mum gave me a ring to go with my engagement ring, A diamond and sapphire eternity band - platinum. She had won it the year I was born (1975) in a competition the radio times was running - there were 20,000 odd applicants, and my Mum won and my Auntie Maddy won the second prize! Both lucky rings for a lucky lady!






Have you met anyone famous and did they leave an impression on you? 

NS: Hunter S. Thompson, I met him in his local tavern in woody creek near aspen.  I was in colorado for a skiing holiday and it was so amazing to walk into this crazy place and see him playing cards, sat with his wild white hair and his cronies.....  The venue is pretty weird and wonderful also. I also met Kate Moss and Billy Zane once - we ended up on the same table at Momo’s, London - both meets were in the mid nineties so my memory of them are hazy! 

Who is your fashion girl crush?

NS: Its got to be Florence Welsh - I love her spirit and style…. oh and her voice is not so bad too! 

Why did you give up London living for Brighton?

NS: For love, and the ocean, they were both calling! Plus I was yearning for a more relaxed, healing, creative and spiritual place to be, Brighton has always offered that... along with a lot of fun! 

Top 3 things about our little city by the sea?

NS: I never tire of strolling through the lanes,  and having a spot of brunch or a long pub lunch! I love the vintage shops we have here. The Fringe Festival is brilliant fun and the city buzzes with all the entertainment on offer for a month in May... amazing music, exhibitions and theatre. Generally throughout the year there is always something fun to do, I like to go to gigs whenever I can. The sea.... I love it so much ... particularly at sunset. 

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