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Maya Doyle Illustrations X Peculiar Vintage

Posted on September 10 2018

Autumn - Winter Mermaid vibes care of the very talented Maya Doyle Leal. We managed to nab her, fresh off the graduate boat from Brighton University. Her portfolio arsenal is impressive, mainly showcasing beautiful bewitching woman with a folklore undercurrent. And of course there's her Frida Kahlo!

Maya explains 'For the past few years I have been very inspired by fairytales, mythology and children’s stories. I love working with subjects that merge the adult world with our childhood.'

'I was born in a small island in the south of Brazil (Florianópolis). So I’ve always been surrounded by the Atlantic forest, the sea and all the creatures that inhabited the island. While also listening to stories of witches and magical creatures from our area. I think that this gave me a real love for that world of fantasy and the surreal, which still fascinates me to this day.' (source: Brighton Uni online)

What inspires you? New books, nature and great chats!

Describe yourself in three words. Colourful, Positive and.... Plant lady!? 

What do you love about being a Brightonian? Arty positive attitudes, smiling down the road everyday and feeling like I'm always on holidays!

Do you have a favourite jeweller at the moment? Rosita Bonitas leather goodness!

Favourite illustrator? So many!! But always in love with Francesca Sanna!

Finally, quick fire round

Rings or Tattoos? Aaah! Both! I feel naked without either of them!

Wine or Beer Wine!

Beach or Walk in the Downs? Walk in the Downs

Gig or Club? Gig for sure!

Check out more of Maya's work on Insta








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