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Jessica Sharville X Peculiar V

Jessica Sharville brought the girls out for Autumn/ Winter - two Amazonian-esq creatures guarded our main window with tools, magik and spells. Jessica's illustrating prowess has been championed by the likes of Levis and The Sunday Times, but she's just at home working with small independents like us and her characters have increasingly been spotted around Brighton. Her style swings from Folkore to Tank Girl meets Archie Classics.... the mix is outstanding. You can see more of her work @jessicasharvilleillustration

PV: Tell us about the tribe that inspired our window?
JS: The tribe that inspired the window display illustrations are called the Britons or the Celtic Britons who were known for their tattooed bodies and fierce fighting. They were documented by the ancient Romans when they invaded the British isles for the first time in 55 BC. “All Britons paint themselves with woad, which turns the skin a bluish green colour, hence their appearance is more horrific in battle”. I found out about them in a book on tribal tattooing which I was looking through one day. I was so surprised to see they were Celtic!

PV: We recognise your work from The Feminist Bookshop! Who is your fave feminist author?
JS: My current favourite feminist author is Bridget Christie who is a comedian who wrote an amazing book called “A Book for Her”. It runs alongside her stand up show, not only is she hilarious she is hard hitting with her views and experiences. I love the way she is so outspoken and spends her free time chucking lads mags away in Sainsbury’s trying not to get caught by the security whilst she does a food shop. I love reading and I love comedy so I was so happy to find this book. 

PV: Apart from window displays (of course), which is your favourite medium to work with?
JS: My favourite medium to work with  is and will always be pencil and paper. I start all my work there and it might finish as a window illustration or a digital piece but it always begins at my design in a sketchbook drawn with a mechanical pencil.

PV: What is your favourite piece of jewellery you own, and why??
JS: I’ve got 9 rings that I wear (not always all at once) and a necklace, I actually didn’t wear jewellery for years but the last few years I’ve been gradually getting more jewellery - I’ve often  been gifted pieces and those are some of my favourites as I love the attachment that comes with it when it’s a gift. My sister gave me a beryl ring which she bought as my cat is called Beryl, it’s a really pretty pistachio colour stone.

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