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Illustrator Kate Loxton X Peculiar Vintage

Posted on October 31 2017


Fine lines and dot dot dots on our Autumn window, with Tarot Cards, Mystic Hands and Healing Crystals courtesy of local Brighton Illustrator Kate Loxton. She finds detail in a less is more aesthetic. Think what IF Morticia Addams and Wes Anderson had a baby.....

We find out more about Le Loxton:

PV: Why Illustration?

KL: I've always enjoyed drawing, every birthday I'd get a mixture of art supplies from my mum, I still do to this day! In college, life drawing lessons were a real revelation, I had some amazing lecturers that really helped me expand the way I looked at form and perspective and since then I've always enjoyed illustrating the human body. 

PV: Describe your work?

KL: A little tongue in cheek, slightly macabre. I'm drawn to darker imagery in my illustrations which is why designing the window around the occult was really exciting.

PV: Where do you see yourself in the future?

KL: I would love be able to support myself through my illustration alone, I've just started an Instagram account solely for my work and hopefully I'll be selling some of it soon as well. In terms of where, I'd love to be living in another country, I've had my eye on Berlin for awhile now! 

++ Quick Fire round!! ++

Favourite place - Anywhere I can go camping 

Beach or Gallery - Gallery

Desert Island Item - My laptop

Fave Jeweller - Black Rabbit Studio

Celebrity crush - Mads Mikkelsen


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