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Posted on August 10 2020

Ignition of #BLM.

In May, following the very public death of George Floyd by the hands of a Police Officer, the world became fully engaged with the wave of racial reckoning that manifested in city-protests worldwide. Black Lives Matter.

Historically to date, Black Americans have suffered. British Blacks make up 14% of the population but occupy 25% of the UK prisons, feel very much disenfranchised from mainstream society. My experience as a mixed-race woman raising bi-racial sons is on a different spectrum but the solidarity and empathy is strong. In particular one of my son's who looks more South East Asian than his blue eyed brother, hated his life at secondary school because of the near constant casual racism he's had to endure from his peers. We are talking about a state-city-school, in the UK, in 2021.

Within the jewellery industry comes a strong female voice in the shape of Kassandra Lauren Gordon (IG handle - klgjewellery). She wrote an open letter published on popular jewellery site 'Jewellery Cut', holding a mirror up to racism within the industry. It's shocking. Please take the time to read about her experiences and should your heart want to learn more on how to get involved and tackle some of the problems, she's detailed methods to help 

One easy way to support BAME artists is to simply, diversify your feed.

Share, Like and Repost their work (some of my personal faves below). If the public help reflect the minority, this will amplify their voices and enrich and what we see in the mainstream x

@harwellgodfrey, @halinamutinta, @esmy.jewellery, @jasmineatullah, @nizahuangjewellery, @wiggy.wong 

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