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Guest Designer Spot Light : Jenifer Wall

Posted on November 29 2015

Peculiar is flying the flag for another home grown, independent designer/ maker - introducing Jenifer Wall. Must be something in the water that makes this sea side town a booming jewellery designers paradise. Since graduating with a BA Hons in 3D Crafts from the University of Brighton in mid 90s, Jenifer has been making everything from jewellery, lockets, small dishes and containers; and even metal-made evening bags. 

Working in predominately Silver, Silver Oxidised and Gold Leaf, Jenifer’s collections lean to formations from the natural world. From rocks, stones and geological shapes, Jenifer emulates the smooth tactile 'surface of pebbles' or the 'edges of an eroding cliff'. She professes a fascination of "the accumulation of sediment" and "the corrosion of surfaces caused by time. I try to mimic these processes, to recreate a sense of weathering in her pieces." Jenifer uses etching and patination techniques to further distinguish her style.

At our gallery you will find a selection of her stunning Silver and Silver oxidised pieces inlaid with the warmest Gold Leaf, it really is something to put on the Christmas list!


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