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Shout Out on INSTAGRAM

Posted on September 12 2015

Taking the leap and starting a new business is super hard, but an incredibly rewarding experience. As a designer seeing your dream finally realised in the form of happy customers, is affirmation that your craftsmanship is being valued.

Almost a year on from opening Peculiar Vintage's Gallery and Workshop, response has been huge. One aspect of appreciation is seeing our jewellery being shouted about in the wonderful world of social media.

So we thought we'd give you a virtual High Five * and showcase some of your insta photos on here. If you'd like to add to our growing gallery of customer photos - simply hashtag us on Instagram #peculiarvintage and we'll regram/tweet and facebook it! 


----- Leather Snake Necklace with Opal, Ceramic Ring with Gold, 10ct Gold Skull Ring & Studs-----


----- Ceramic Necklace with Gold, Ruby Engagement Ring, Silver Diamond Shape Tassel Earrings-----


----- Bee Necklace, Black Spinel Ring, Solid Silver Hare Ring -----


----- Star & Spinel Ring, Tattoo Hamster Mug, Split chain ring----


----- Gold Dove Necklace, S charm, Ceramic Necklace with Gold-----





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