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Image: Jo Thorne for Peculiar Vintage 

The popularity of Peculiar’s Gold Bee Necklace has prompted us to take a look into the history and symbolism of a hard working humble creature. 

Bee motifs were originally made fashionable in France circa 1860. Bees were the emblem of Prince Victor Bonaparte - brooches, hat pins, ring and necklaces were adorned with this 'flying insect'. Even the mighty Napoleon had golden bees sewn into his coronation robe. 

Within art history, German artist Lucas Cranach painted Cupid stealing honey from a bees nest. Being stung by the irate bees, he complained to his mother Venus (goddess of love) who chastises Cupid: 'There's never sweetness without pain'.

Turning to symbolism, spiritualists regarded the hive as a 'home' representing love, harmony and open communication among family members. On a broader sense, the bee was seen by Ancient Druids as a totem of 'community'.

Sadly worldwide, Bees are decreasing in vast numbers.  Artist  Louis Masai Michel painted poignant messages on city streets, which soon went viral. Please take a minute click on Save Our Bees website, to see how you can help these magnificent creatures





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