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Posted on July 17 2015

BOOM. That onomatopoeia has been done to death but we can't help it..... All our current Guest Designers are in print and will be distributed from our shop on Baker Street. We've complied a comprehensive list of what the jewels are ....  feel free to contact us if one of them has your name on it. We'll check if it's on the shelf, or liase with one of our designers to make you a new one :)


    • Leather Eye Earrings £34 
    • Thin Resin Bangles £69 
    • Silver Hare Ring £390
    • Silver + Gold vermeil Shark tooth Cufflinks £98
    • Amethyst Claw in Silver + Gold vermeil £175
    • Siren Bracelet in Dark Silver + Gold vermeil £129
    • Silver Bracelet, price available on request
    • 10ct Gold wing Studs £198 
    • Labradorite Silver + 18ct Gold Studs, price available on request
    • Dark Silver skull ring with Topaz + Spinel, price available on request
    • Silver and 9ct Gold Solitaire £249
    • Gold vermeil Dove Necklace £140
    • Ceramic and Gold Necklace on Silk cord £29
    • Geo Necklaces from £78
    • Silver chain ring £98
    • Double gem Ring in Gold vermeil £188
    • Silver shard Ring, price available on request
    • Pineapple Necklace in Gold vermeil £89
    • Dual star and diamond Necklace in Silver and Gold vermeil £145
    • Gold leaf and dark Silver Brooch £189
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