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Summer Inside + New Designs

Posted on May 31 2015

Summer is on the horizon and our Brighton jewellery shop has been merchandised with foliage, green gemstones and the hypnotising gold hues of the sun. We've showcased our own jewels alongside the talents of Katie LeesJenifer WallAbby Mosseri and Tessa Metcalfe. Below's gorgeous gemstones from Left to Right: Prehnite, Chrysophrase, Onyx, Chrysophrase and Labradorite.

Our designer Stef has made a start to new pieces to add to her collections, inspired by the character of Aunty Entity from the original Mad Max films, which was released when she was 2. She remembers watching it when she was younger and loving the anarchic energy of it all. Snippets of her new ideas can be seen hot off the bench via our Facebook and Instagram.  

The top image show stackable cuffs featuring Ruby, Labradorite and Diamond starbursts.

The bottom image are a trio of rings from the collection: Fire Opal, Chain ring and Chrysophrase.

The full collection is still in production but Stef hopes to complete it by the end of summer. Watch this space! 


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