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2019 x Happiness

Hello, I'm Stef the designer behind PV, writing the first blog entry for 2019. I feel inclined to start off by saying what an utterly shit year 2018 had been on a personal level. A couple of posts back, you will see why.

That said, I had the best summer in the shop ever and I worked my socks off on various commissions and tried to kept my personal sadness at bay by being 'busy'. When December 2018 came round, I was not only sad, but stressed and exhausted, and felt my mind/body/soul needed an MOT. A lot of questions came up in my head as I was working with beautiful gemstones, precious metals, accepting cash for luxury items... Why am I doing this? Is it making me happy? Does it feed my soul?

I've been a professional jewellery maker for 9 years now and evolved so much technically from when I was a fresh faced kitchen top jeweller, working from home. The highs of life as I get older equates to wanting more diversity in life, so in January i changed the shop space into 80% workshop, housing two more benches. The OPEN sign reduced from Thursday to Saturday, freeing up the rest of my time to concentrate on what is really important to me, my family, new vistas, slowing down, and ultimately opening up flexibility in how I work. As I write this post in May, I can honestly say it was the best decision for me. I am still as busy as ever at work, particularly with bespoke and remodels, which I love. But I have room in the week to breathe and the 'balance' is back. 

Here's to Embracing Change and Feeding your Soul ♡

Stef x

Credit Illustration Portrait @sheilasarti
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