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Green Finger x Gold

Posted on April 18 2015

So there's an old wives tale that if you wear Gold you will be free from the possibility of the metal turning your finger GREEN. This is a well known problem with costume rings made with base metals such as copper, brass and nickel. 

It's uncommon in Gold, but this issue came up with our customer Tori, who bought a 9ct Gold and Diamond band. To be honest, it was our first green finger conundrum and we weren't ready with a solution. People have different ph levels and when moisture reacts (water, humidity or sweat) to the alloy in the metal they are wearing, it can discolour some people's skin. 9ct Yellow Gold has a copper alloy in it and reacted with Tori's finger.

The best solution we found came in a little bottle called Renaissance that gives a coating and provides a barrier between the ring and your finger. Another 'quick' solution, is a coat of clear nail varnish. Tori replied having tried Renaissance, 'Just wanted to let you know that my finger is back to it's usual colour and I am very happy to be wearing my ring again! That stuff is magic!'

Another preventative measure is jewellery care, jewellery care, jewellery care - we can't say it enough! Read our guide.

_______________________ Thanks for the image Tori ____________________________

Credit to Tori Davey who's a Life Coach and valued customer, here are her links:



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  • Tori Davey: April 18, 2015

    Thanks for the mention, the gorgeous jewels, and a speedy solution! It’s all sparkles again here.

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