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Cerys Matthews talks Lauren Bacall, Jewellery + Chutzpah

Posted on March 12 2015

Cerys Matthews was first turned on to Peculiar Vintage when we launched and became a fan of our pistol studs, which she wore when accepting a Sony Music Award for her Sunday show on BBC Radio 6. Last year Cerys commissioned Stef to make her husband's wedding band based on charms she selected to reflect him (below image, right).


We managed to grab Cerys for a quick fire round of questions:

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery at the moment? 
My silver pistol earrings (handmade by Stef, above image - left), and my hand made wedding ring with cockerel, shrimp boat ,tree and turtles all hand fashioned in rose gold.

You commission PV to make your husbands wedding band, which mirrors yours - what was the inspiration behind these designs? 

I love the idea of  one off wedding rings, rings which in some way reflect the wearer and their interests. With the idea that if you surround yourself with things that spark off happy memories, then it keeps the dark clouds at bay, makes you feel good.

Does jewellery make you feel different? i.e. naked and not yourself. Is it an extension of your personality?

When I was younger, I wore a ring on every finger- huge gold sovereigns , blue crystals and leather and tooth necklaces and wrist bands. I loved the feel of leather and how the knot would almost mould into a different shape after long term wearing. As I've grown older and had babies I wear very little jewellery - I don't have time for wardrobe changes and little need to carry attitude through material things. So the jewellery I do wear, I want to adore , and I want to be different. Hence the story telling wedding ring, the black diamond engagement ring and my pistol earrings. 

Are there any contemporaries out there that you admire in terms of style/ adornment?

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Bacall. The characters she played were understated but strong to the core; elegant, feminine and fiercely independent. Her jewellery were statement pieces, which she wore with aplomb, they never wore her.


Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe?
Elizabeth Taylor - for her brilliant early films , for her chutzpah, her relationship with literature, loving Richard Burton and for being completely whacky and one hell of a character to enjoy reading about- and this includes her larger than life collection of jewellery...

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