5 Months in Windows - Bricks & Mortar

Posted on March 01 2015

It's February. Heavy rain monsoon showers or sun that teases intermittently is a steady dance that plays outside our window. This month's window longs for Spring with a bit of humour to boot. Gold vermeil and popcorn hues, with a statement that make commuters glance, then reverse backwards and either, smile, giggle or warrant fishing for their phone and taking a quick snap. 
We've gone through Autumn themes, Christmas, Valentines and a January flash sale so far. Fast forward 5 months and we are in, amongst an explosion of Independent Regeneration both here on Baker Street (one of the oldest streets in Brighton) and London Road. The area is currently evolving and the cross section of people, shops, pubs and cafes... feels good. The timing is perfect. Here is PV's 'Bricks & Mortar Life in Windows' during what's been an incredible time meeting customers and fellow independents. Looking forward to meeting new faces and welcoming back our cool customers ~ thanks for your support ~ xx PV
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