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Designer Spot Light : Julia deVille

Posted on April 03 2016

The New Zealand born, Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist Julia deVille explains in her bio how her fascination with life and death started when she was a child, dressing up in her grandmothers fox fur stoles. She pondered over there existence; a fox, once living is now frozen in time with its tail clumped between its jaws.

Those distant memories still fuel her inspiration, manifesting itself in beautifully haunting jewellery and life affirming taxidermy. Her motifs include skulls, claws and bones and these reoccur throughout her collections.

Initially deVille moved to Melbourne at 18 to study shoe design but feeling unsatisfied enrolled on courses to learn about Jewellery Making, and Taxidermy on the side.

She started off making brooches from small birds and mice, her work expanded and soon she was embarking on larger sculptures made out of taxidermy animals adorned with jewellery.

What drives deVille’s distinctive aesthetic is her interest in communicating mortality. Her concepts hark back to the Memento Mori period of the 15th and 18th century, where death was mourned through adorning the body in jewellery.

deVille’s work arrived at Peculiar’s shop recently and has garnered huge interest. Her delicate bone castings are both elegant and affecting, and her precious rings are perfect for alternative brides wanting designs with edge.

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